Ningaloo Reef Whale Sharks, Exmouth, Western Australia


Whale Sharks migrate to Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia (WA) every year, giving visitors to Exmouth a once-in-a-lifetime swim with the largest fish in the world’s oceans.

This is one of few places on Earth where these gentle giants come so close to shore, and in July 2013 Tourism Western Australia joined Hans and his wife on a Ningaloo whale shark tour from Exmouth WA to share this truly humbling encounter.

These harmless filter feeders can grow up to 16 metres (52.5 feet) in length, with a mouth spanning over a metre — an awe-inspiring sight that Hans could only describe as one of the greatest experiences of his life. Their visit also brought Hans and his wife face-to-fin with other incredible marine life of World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef — the largest fringing reef on Earth.

In striking contrast, a cruise through the rugged red gorge of Yardi Creek in Cape Range National Park, offered a chance to relax and enjoy the stillness and natural beauty of Exmouth, and to spot a hopping rock wallaby or two.

From mid-March to late July, visitors can experience the thrill of swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, with daily whale shark tours operating from Exmouth WA.

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