Castaway in Queensland’s Hidden Cay

Lady Musgrave Island, Queensland, Australia

Low Level View of Island

For an authentic castaway experience, look no further than Lady Musgrave Island. Situated 100 kilometres north-east of Bundaberg and 59 kilometres east of the Town of 1770, this uninhabited coral cay can be found along the outskirts of Australia’s famous Great Barrier Reef in the state of Queensland. Often referred to as the “Jewel in the Crown of the Great Barrier Reef,” Lady Musgrave Island is renowned for its sparkling, turquoise blue lagoon.

A hotspot for swimming, camping, walking, snorkelling, diving and fishing, the island’s crescent shaped 3000 acre lagoon is home to a variety of sea life, including some 350 species of hard and soft corals, as well as 1,300 species of fish. From wrasse and cod fish to reef sharks and manta rays, here there is plenty of marine life for explorers to dive into.

Lady-Musgrave-Tourism-and-Events-QLDFish however, are not the only species to be found in this bustling underwater metropolis. As divers pass through coral canyons and schools of vibrantly-coloured fish, it is not uncommon for them to cross paths with endangered green and loggerhead turtles, while whale sightings are also common between the months of June and November.

Inland, visitors will find a dense canopy of Pisonia trees teeming with roosting bird life, including shearwaters, terns and white-capped noddies. Here, explorers can take guided walks with professional marine biologists while campers can enjoy an evening under the stars at the Lady Musgrave campsite.

Those wishing to spend the night however, must apply for a permit with the Department of National Parks, as the island is both a National Park and World Heritage zone. Because numbers at the campsite are limited to 40 at any given time, it is recommended campers book well in advance. Campers are also advised to be self sufficient, bring their own water with them as well a gas stove (fires are not permitted on the island.) Reachable via private plane or sea, Lady Musgrave Island is a 90 minute cruise from the Town of 1770.

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image credits: Tourism and Events QLD

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